Wednesday, March 18, 2015

East Peak Trail

                                          “Rise Above the Fog”

On a foggy day in Marine County there is a great place to see the sun.


The East peak trail at Mt. Tamalpais state park allows you to rise above the fog. You start your hike to the left of Throckmorton fire station on hogback fire road. Where the trail starts on a wide dirt road.  Be prepared to hike up most of the way there and down on the way back. This hike provides you with a good workout and may cause you to sweat. It takes about 3 to 4 hours round trip to complete this hike depending if you want to stop and have something to eat. The trail has many different wooden steps, rocky areas, and dirt roads. On a clear day, one can see stunning views of the bay and Richmond’s bridge. There are signs along the way, so you don’t get lost. After old railroad and fern creek trail, you will come across a cemented area that takes you to the visitor center or the plank walk trail. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the highest point from the start of the plank walk trail. The elevation of the highest point is 2,571 feet. Once you reach the top you will have a magnificent 360 degree view of San Francisco. Have a picnic on a rock and feel as if you are on top of the world.
Written by Irina Vakulchik
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Indian nature trail

“ Hike from Heart’s Desire Beach to Indians Beach”


       If your heart desires to enjoy a wind-protected beach where the ground is covered with shells then this might just be the hike for you. This is a family friendly hike that is easy for all ages. The hike starts at heart’s desire beach where there are plenty of picnic tables which can be enjoyed by families and friends. However, if you want to enjoy a beach that is less crowded you can go on the Indian nature trail. It’s perfect for learning about the history of coast Miwak Indians, the different berries growing along the trail, and the use of poison oak. This interpretive trail allows everyone to be able to leave with more knowledge about the area and the native people who used it. You will be walking along a narrow trail, lush with vegetation. The trail is shady even on a hot sunny day. You will come across moss covered trees, a foot bridge, and two bark shelters called “Kotchas”. It only takes 0.5 miles to get to Indians Beach where the shoreline of Tomales Bay is safe and shallow enough for children to play in.
Written by Irina Vakulchik
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Blue Ridge Trail



Are you ready for a perplexing climb over a stunning ridge line?

Then blue ridge trail is the hike for you. Beautiful views can be seen throughout the entire hike. There is no signs to how many miles you have completed or how many miles you still need to complete. There is however a sign that lets you know that you are 2,000 feet above sea level. Frisk peak is 2,868 feet above sea level and is 4 miles long one way. The path is narrow majority of the time and you will be going up most of the way there. The Blue ridge trail is on the north trailhead. There will be a closed off rail to the left of the parking lot, but walk past the closed off rail and the cemented bridge until you see a sign which reads blue ridge trail. During the spring time many wildflowers can be seen on the trail and one of these are the shooting stars. Once you reach Frisk peak there will be a lovely 360 degree view. The highway 80, Mt. Lassen, and Mt. Shasta can be seen. Climb a rock, take out your lunch, and enjoy the view.
Written by Irina Vakulchik
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Lynch Canyon



                      Walk the Ridge That Separates the Valley from the Bay


                     Why stay indoors when the grass is green on the outside?
 Get in tune with nature by exploring Lynch Canyon Open Space Park. You might even feel as if you are a rancher walking on your ranch as you open and close gates. Cattle, ducks, and various birds can be spotted by the South Fork Lynch Creek as well as throughout the hike.  Beautiful leaning trees can be seen on the right of the hike due to strong winds. On a hot day in Sacramento Valley this is a great place to escape to because it is always cooler here. If you start hiking early, the clouds and fog could be your view. You will be walking 6.6 miles around Bay Area ridges. At times you can see Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais, Napa, and San Pablo Bay. This is a moderate hike with an elevation gain of 1,500 feet. There are plenty of benches throughout the hike to take a break and rest. As well as a few picnic tables to have lunch at. With nothing in the way blocking the beautiful views surrounding you, shade is limited, so sunblock is strongly advised. The unending grassy hills are so magnificent that you will wonder why you ever wanted to stay indoors in the first place.
Written by Irina Vakulchik
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