Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blue Ridge Trail



Are you ready for a perplexing climb over a stunning ridge line?

Then blue ridge trail is the hike for you. Beautiful views can be seen throughout the entire hike. There is no signs to how many miles you have completed or how many miles you still need to complete. There is however a sign that lets you know that you are 2,000 feet above sea level. Frisk peak is 2,868 feet above sea level and is 4 miles long one way. The path is narrow majority of the time and you will be going up most of the way there. The Blue ridge trail is on the north trailhead. There will be a closed off rail to the left of the parking lot, but walk past the closed off rail and the cemented bridge until you see a sign which reads blue ridge trail. During the spring time many wildflowers can be seen on the trail and one of these are the shooting stars. Once you reach Frisk peak there will be a lovely 360 degree view. The highway 80, Mt. Lassen, and Mt. Shasta can be seen. Climb a rock, take out your lunch, and enjoy the view.
Written by Irina Vakulchik
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