Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Indian nature trail

“ Hike from Heart’s Desire Beach to Indians Beach”


       If your heart desires to enjoy a wind-protected beach where the ground is covered with shells then this might just be the hike for you. This is a family friendly hike that is easy for all ages. The hike starts at heart’s desire beach where there are plenty of picnic tables which can be enjoyed by families and friends. However, if you want to enjoy a beach that is less crowded you can go on the Indian nature trail. It’s perfect for learning about the history of coast Miwak Indians, the different berries growing along the trail, and the use of poison oak. This interpretive trail allows everyone to be able to leave with more knowledge about the area and the native people who used it. You will be walking along a narrow trail, lush with vegetation. The trail is shady even on a hot sunny day. You will come across moss covered trees, a foot bridge, and two bark shelters called “Kotchas”. It only takes 0.5 miles to get to Indians Beach where the shoreline of Tomales Bay is safe and shallow enough for children to play in.
Written by Irina Vakulchik
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